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Making every moment count.....

We are Entertainment Specialists with over 30 years experience in this sector and know exactly what is required to get the party started?  We’ll turn up the volume for just about any event across the UK, Europe and Middle East from weddings and corporate events to private parties and special functions. We'd be delighted to discuss how we can make your event a memorable one and in line with your price expectations. 

We are also proud to present our own 5 band line ups  - see 'Our Bands

Our Artists

Before you book elsewhere - Consider the following

The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of a cheap price has gone!!

We provide a comprehensive range of acts and entertainers (Including our very own 5 band line ups)  who excel at what they do to ensure  you have simply, a 'just great event' - Check out 'Our Bands' Page 

Bands and Ensembles

Incredible Talents

The best way to describe the Bands, duos and ensembles we work with is professionalism. Outstanding performances every time leading to numerous re bookings - not just about the music either - we will provide all lighting, PA, PLi, dance instruction to get your guests in the party mood and we'll play DJ music in between sets to keep the music flowing

Solo Artists

Excellent performers

The artists we work with are considered to be some of the best and most experienced performers in the industry. We also try to keep things fresh by introducing new, up-and-coming Musicians to our clients, ensuring we’re always on the cutting edge of incredible music of all genres. Get in touch to learn more about our talented selection of Musicians.

Premier Showgirls

That little 'je ne sais quoi'

We can provide a selection of beautiful showgirls who will bring a stunning wow factor to any event. Whether that be a product launch or party event such as Gatsby or Peaky Blinders or any special occasion that requires that extra touch of glitz and glamour

Tribute Acts

Blimey, just like them!!

As the name suggests - they are excellent at performing to the same exacting standards  as the 'real thing'  - If you like  a particular artist and would love to have at least the next best thing perform for you at your event - well, we'll ensure you get that act

Performing Trumpetist
Male Photographer
Mixer Keys
Elegant Event Tent


Timeless memories

We know only too well that memories of your special event are so important and none more so are created by fantastic photos, images and videos which will help you and your guests re live the special moments for ever. We choose our photographers very carefully and only those with substantial references


Food and Drinks

We partner with a number of catering suppliers from Drinks only to food services as required to ensure you and your guests are fed and watered throughout your event. to find out more, go to or take a a look at the FB page


And the beat goes on...

We work with a variety of talented DJs who love making and playing music for a living. With their signature sounds and musical intuitions, all of the DJs we partner with are some of the most well-renowned and well-respected performers in the industry. They’re focused, professional, and passionate performers who love to entertain.


Wow, what a venue !!

We work with and can recommend our first class Marquee providers who can match your space requirements and ensure it is perfectly set up for your event.

Sound and Lighting

Sounds good, looks good

We can provide the sound PA system and lighting effect for all events - whether that be your private family function to a huge festival requiring a 50k rig and mega lighting. Either way, we will make sure your event is seen


Now that's magic !

We choose and select our Magicians very carefully. There is nothing like a great magician who simply creates that exciting atmosphere where your guests are flapping around like little kids 'wow, how did that happen'  

They can interact with your guests, or provide a full show

Wow, that looks fab!

You walk into your event and the first thing you see is the stage and the band set up and you'll either just glance and turn and look for the bar or you'll stand and stare and look on in awe and then start taking photos - it's the photo taking reaction we look to achieve every time

Now that looks so smart

A Celtic Piper in fine Kilt attire can make all the difference to your special event. Choose from a solo piper to a pipe/drum and guitar feature to a full military style pipe band if required This is - 'The Derbyshire Piper'

Mixer Keys 3
Just Greate Events - Magicians - Just Great Events offers a full range of entertainment options carefully selected to ensure your event is the very best possible and essentially exceeds your expectations to deliver a first class event.  Happy to discuss further Please contact Kal on 07793 956653 or
The Derbyshire Piper a very professional Great Highland bagpiper - presenting in Grade 1 military kilt style or formal bow tie style or more casual rugged style - perfect for weddings, funerals, special events, honour processions, Masonic events, charity performances. Happy to play a range of tunes that suit your requirement and occasion. Contact Kal on 07793 956653 or

Contact - Just Great Events

We'd be delighted to assist you with your event? Get in touch with 'Just Great Events' and let's make it something special.

Ashbourne DE6, UK

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